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Best places to visit in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, in the Caucuses district, is a nation that rides both Eastern Europe and Western Asia, so anticipate a conflict of east meets west and you will discover a great deal to appreciate here. Situated on the Caspian Sea, there are interesting subtropical ocean side retreats, or you can hold onto Azerbaijan’s name as the Land of Fire with an excursion to a blazing mountain or a mud fountain of liquid magma.

There are slope towns that conceal antiquated mosques and minarets, just as probably the most amazing present day design on the planet as the Flame Towers in Baku, so whatever your motivation and time limitations, Azerbaijan has a lot to offer guests at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

Gabala in summer

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, lies along the Caspian Sea, and is a to some degree inquisitive blend of the old walled city of Icheri Seher, Qebele and Qebelede kiraye evler and a cutting edge building furor that has driven a blast in high rises, huge numbers of which are studded with LCD screens.

Of these, ensure that you don’t miss the Flame Towers, three towers worked to take after fire that cast a tanned sparkle over the city around evening time. The city additionally grasps the cutting edge at the Museum of the Contemporary Art that has more than 900 fine arts that element best in class specialists from the area, and is certainly justified regardless of a visit for those intrigued by present day culture.

You can likewise attempt the neighborhood produce with a visit to Teze Bazaar, a market popular for its cheeses and flavors, or get a kebab, a nearby delicacy at one of the various open eateries discovered everywhere throughout the city.

Gabala is probably the most seasoned city of Azerbaijan, having more than 2-thousand years of history.

Simultaneously, the locale has consistently been an indispensable piece of Azerbaijan, which left an as splendid imprint in Azerbaijan’s history as Baku, Ganja and some different urban areas did. Gabala was the capital of Shirvan and Shaki Khans, also, the Kutkashen was made on the region of Gabala in the eighteenth century.

Present day Gabala, in any case, is situated in the Shaki-Zagatala zone. There are still demolishes left in Gabala, helping us about the past to remember the area numerous hundreds of years back.

Other than this, each individual has a chance to appreciate the attractions of the cutting edge Gabala, and generally significant – to see the entrancing excellence of its inclination, which can beguile any individual.

┬áThis is on the grounds that some call the Gabala “Azerbaijani Switzerland”. In addition, the area is celebrated for it’s chestnut and pecan woodlands, the blossoming of which each one of the individuals who visit the city should see.

So much just in one locale!

Gabala is found 225km away from Baku and you can arrive at it by visit transport or different vehicles. Here is how much time it can take to arrive at the city with various vehicles:

Via plane: 45 minutes

By transport (Baku Bus Terminal): 4 hours

By taxi: 2.5-3 hours

You can likewise go with the visit, where the costs per individual shift from $40 to $60.